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All pressure treated wood will weather and show signs of checking with time. This natural aging process will not affect the woods’ useful life or affect its’ warranty. However, customers should be advised that an application of a quality brand (Wolman, Cabot, Flood, Sikkens, Super Deck, etc.)  Clear, Semi-Transparent or Solid Color Stain should be applied to the pool when the pool is initially installed (or prior to installation ) then every 2-3 years, depending on brand and if you choose Clear, Semi-Transparent or Solid Color Stain. These products will reduce the number of check and cracks, as well as retard the weathering process. We recommend Oil Based products.

The pressure treatment process begins by completely immersing lumber in a pressurized tank filled with a water based solution of CA (Copper Azole). As wood is exposed to moisture it swells similar to a sponge. When most commercially available pressure treated lumber is exposed to sunlight and lower humidity it begins to dry out and shrink. These tendencies of the treated lumber are often considered undesirable. Drying of the wood (and the accompanying shrinkage) is what contributes to bowing, warping and crooking of the treated lumber. These characteristics would be unacceptable to above ground pool wall construction. To eliminate any potential problems, Crestwood & EZ-Do Pools Kiln Dries (dries in a large oven) all its lumber and continually monitors its moisture content. By doing so, Crestwood & EZ-Do Pools can insure stable wooden components that have been dried to their equilibrium moisture content. After drying, the boards are again inspected for warping, twisting, bowing or cracking.