Roy's Sanitizing Systems

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There are many ways to properly sanitize your pool and keep your family safe. Ozone, Chlorine, Peroxide, Salt, and UV these are just a few ways to safely clean your pool. Some of these methods have become favorites among the many people. 

Oxygen Pools Water Treatment


How Dose Ozone Oxidize Contaminants In Water?


An Oxygen Pool automatically infuses ozone (O3 oxygen) into water as it circulates to quickly oxidize contaminants. Oxygen is the original oxidizer.......we simply oxidize differently, by using different forms of oxygen, which is non toxic to humans in water and to the environment. 

Hayward Salt Systems

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Convenient salt sanitization for aboveground & inground pools. Hayward salt Chlorination systems automatically convert salt into chlorine to provide continues sanitization, you can say goodbye to mixing, measuring and carrying buckets of chlorine.

Delta UV

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Delta UV E Series disinfection systems effectively treat residential pool water at flow rated between 46 - 110 GPM in a plug & play operation that runs independently from other treatment equipment.