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How Does Ozone Oxidize Contaminants In Water?

An Oxygen Pool automatically infuses ozone (O3 oxygen) into the water as it circulates to quickly oxidize contaminants.   Oxygen is the original oxidizer…..we simply oxidize differently, by using different forms of oxygen, which is non toxic to humans in water and to the environment. Here’s how it works:


Organic contaminants maintain their shape with a cell wall.


O3 molecules make contact with the cell wall and create a hole in the wall


The cell wall is broken down quickly by O3 molecules.


The cell loses its shape as O3 continues to create holes in the cell wall.


In a few seconds, the cell cannot maintain its shape and the cell dies.

Will I need any additional chemicals with an Oxygen Pools system?

There are only three parts to the Oxygen Program:  1) The ozone system directly oxidizes contaminants and provides a base residual level of peroxide.  2) Shocking the pool weekly with chlorine free Formula “O”  provides protection against cloudy or green water.  3) A third level of sanitation is provided with the regular addition of Pure Perox hydrogen peroxide.  It is rare that any other problem solving chemicals would be required.

Chemicals may be needed are for balancing pH and alkalinity and any brand of those products may be used.



Shocking the pool water will burn off additional contaminants deposited in the water through rains, winds and organic bather waste.   Formula “O” is an EPA registered, nonchlorine, blended powder that is added to the water weekly. 

The Formula combines most of the typical ancillary chemicals (shock, algaecide, clarifier and other proprietary problem solvers) into one easy weekly treatment rather than adding multiple chemicals separately. 

Formula “O” is so gentle that you can swim in 15 minutes after use.  No need to wait for hours or days for the pool to become safe after shocking with chlorine. 


The System


The Dynamic Oxygen Generator installs onto any type of filter without special tools. Using the existing pool pump, water is circulated through the generator which automatically adds dynamic oxygen to the water as it circulates back to the pool. No other equipment changes are needed. 

The Oxygen Pools generator is UL Certified and is registered under the EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act


As the Oxygen Generator creates a safe level of hydrogen peroxide residual in the pool, the first thing most swimmers notice is the silkiness and comfort of the water.  The reason is that a proper level of hydrogen peroxide is the most compatible oxidizer for the human body in pools.

In fact, our bodies create peroxide every day!  Biologically, hydrogen peroxide is produced inside human cells as a first line of defense against pathogens so it is not a foreign substance to humans in the ways that chlorine is.  The difference is immediate and noticeable.


Oxygen Pool vs. Chlorine?

Monthly Average Cost Comparison*

Although most pool owners are willing to pay more for a chlorine free pool, Oxygen Pools are very affordable.  Weekly doses of Formula “O”  and Pure Perox will outperform multiple water treatment products for simple, effective and affordable water treatment. 

The typical Oxygen Pool costs about $65 monthly for unmatched protection against viruses, bacteria and algae..  Each weekly treatment includes a dose of Formula “O” (chlorine free shock, algaecide, clarifier, stain preventer and scale remover) along with our Pure Perox sanitizer.  Oxygen Pools stay uniformly clean and clear so less money is spent trying to clear up a green or cloudy pool, which is common in chlorine pools.


*Costs comparison per manufacturer’s instructions. Results may vary based on bather loads, weather conditions, pool equipment and diligence of pool caretaker.

How difficult is it to switch to an Oxygen Pool?

                                    Really Simple and Easy


If you’re using chlorine now or if you have a salt pool, there is no conversion process. No need to neutralize the pool from what you’ve been using or wait for days to swim. Just start using the oxygen based program and you’ll be swimming in an Oxygen Pool within days.

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